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About Bump Buddies

Hi I'm Louise and I am founder of and teacher for Bump Buddies Antenatal. I started the business in 2011 to offer an alternative style of antenatal class for parents in the Teesside area. At that time the options were daytime classes from NHS or Parentcraft which covered minimal birth and parenting information. These were unsuitable for some workers, especially fathers to be who aren't given time off to attend classes. I believed it is just as important for Dads to be to explore birth and becoming a parent. The other option was evening classes running over 5 – 6 weeks with NCT. These classes do offer fantastic information and the chance to make lasting friendships but were not suitable to all parents and their due dates. So I started classes of my own.

Louise Bump Buddies

I trained for three years with the NCT and University of Bedfordshire as an antenatal teacher, learning not only about the pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting elements but also teaching skills to ensure everyone's learning needs are met. I still teach for the NCT in Teesside, Darlington and Northallerton areas. Those classes are great and if you are looking for less intense and more social based classes then I definitely recommend booking, see here: However if you are looking for a fast but comprehensive antenatal class then Bump Buddies is probably more up your street. The classes use up to date tools and resources to enhance your learning and as groups are small there is still time to make it personal to you.

Of course meeting others going through pregnancy at the same time of you is important to us too and so to complement our short class we run regular meet ups locally, we have 24/7 support (genuinely any time of day or night if you need to – call!) and also we have an active facebook group. Some of the parents who joined us for their first babies are coming back to our meet ups in their second pregnancies and so offer a wealth of real life experience to back up the teaching.

Also to back up the teaching Louise has two years experience as a doula, works closely with James Cook hospital as chair of the Family & Birth Forum, teaches at the Friarage at Northallerton and is part of a patient experience team working with all North East units.

Feedback on Bump Buddies classes almost always refers to the down to earth and relaxed nature of the teaching and the confidence parents feel at the end. You can read our testimonials and you can get a feel for what we do by viewing the pictures of our lovely room, activities and meet ups.

If you see that the workshop dates don't work for you please get in touch! We can arrange additional dates at short notice or you can book a 1:1 where Bump Buddies comes to you!

Good luck with your pregnancy!

Louise x

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