Why Bump Buddies


“Recommended by midwife, researched on internet, fit into work/social life better than NHS classes – welcoming friendly atmosphere, integrated discussion, the class  allowed for partner involvement which is good for them to see/learn first hand”
Anonymous, Oct 2015 class

“Louise was wonderful, felt relaxed and informed.  Did not feel lectured to or stupid to matter what question asked. 10/10 Thank you”
Ian, Sep 2015 class

“I liked that you emailed before the course to ask if we had any particular worries/concerns”
Belinda, Sep 2015 class

“My sister Belinda recommended this class (she is booked in for Sep 15) and this sounded alot more fun and personal to what we wanted to know – it has covered everything and has very good hospitality”
Katie, Aug 2015 class

“I Googled antenatal classes in the area as not very good selection on days etc within hospital as husband works away during week.  Everything was covered and I really enjoyed the day, thank you!”
Anonymous, Aug 2015 class

“This was chosen by the Mrs – good choice, practical activities were very useful though the venue was a little cramped”
Anonymous Jun 2015 class
***Note from Louise – as a result of this feedback we have now reduced our maximum group size thankyou for the feedback J***

“Was absolutely brilliant, as a first time Mum this workshop has been the best ante-natal training I could have had”
Chelsea, March 2015 class

“It’s an eye opener about the process of birth and what to expect.  Very informative & enjoyable”. 
Keith, Apr 2015 class

“The variety of activities and hands on activities were really good and enjoyable.  Fantastic and informative day”
Anonymous Dad, Jan 2015 class

"We were recommended by a friend. It was great from start to finish, really enjoyable and informative without being like a lecture, it was just impartial and honest"
Lynne & Matthew, July 2014 class

"Found out about Bump Buddies via Twitter. It was brilliant, will be recommending to pregnant friends"
Charlotte, July 2014 class

“We came on a friends recommendation and had seen the great feedback, we enjoyed the hands on experience and variety of presentation methods.  Excellent Class thank you!”
Alex & David, Dec 2014 class

“BB class was recommended to us through a friend.  I’ve personally found BB fantastically helpful! Thankyou!”
Michelle, Aug 2014 class

“I was recommended the course by my midwife, the day was excellent”
Charlotte, Sep 2014 class

"Never thought I'd say it but I ENJOYED the day as well as learning loads of stuff that will give me confidence in the choices I make. Always saw AN classes as necessary evil but loved yesterday!"
Laura, May 2014 class

"Found everything useful today! In particular the very clear explanation of labour – so much more relaxed now! I enjoyed the variety of activites – I know a lot more now, but wasn’t lectured"
Lydia, April 2014 class


Why Antenatal Care?

Pregnancy and Becoming a parent is a time of great excitement.  It can also be a time of anxiety.  Everything is changing and, aside from the physical changes for Mum, the lifestyle and work changes for both parents, there are the constant changes in recommendations and procedures for your maternity care.

Coming along to an antenatal class (either Bump Buddies or another) should give you both the opportunity to get up to date information, consider all aspects of late pregnancy, giving birth and bringing up your baby.  You should learn about the different choices available for your care from pain relief to delayed cord clamping.

And lastly ideally you would also get hands on experience with tasks such as changing nappies, holding a baby (ok a doll!) bathing, dressing and soothing crying.

No-one can promise the perfect birth but a good antenatal class will give you the confidence to feel ready for any eventuality and adapting to life as a new or growing family.

The Benefits Of Booking With Us

  • Affordable, valuable antenatal information and support
  • Access to 24/7 email and text support for 1 to 1 care or daytime support for group buddies
  • Information that will make a practical and positive difference to pregnancy and birth
  • In-depth, balanced and realistic information tailored to your needs.
  • Opportunity for partners to be informed and involved in all aspects of pregnancy and birth
  • Understand the impact of your rapidly changing lives and find ways to support and cope with this change, stress and anxiety.
  • Meet other parents-to-be and develop friendships
  • Increased confidence about pregnancy and birth
  • Learn skills that will help you keep in control
  • Access to a support network during pregnancy and after birth
  • Practical support to help develop a birthing plan
  • Tools and resources to make informed choices
  • Someone who will listen and understand your needs
  • Share your experiences and learn from other's
  • And finally … learn lots of ways to Love your bump!

About Bump Buddies

Hi I'm Louise and I am founder of and teacher for Bump Buddies Antenatal. I started the business in 2011 to offer an alternative style of antenatal class for parents in the Teesside area. At that time the options were daytime classes from NHS (Parentcraft) which covered minimal birth and parenting information. These were also unsuitable for some workers, especially partners who aren't given time off to attend classes.  The other option was evening classes running over a few weeks which again didn’t suit some working patterns.  And so I started my own classes.  Running on one day on a weekend but still covering all the necessary information that parents to be want or need to know about

I trained for three years with the NCT and University of Bedfordshire as an antenatal teacher, learning not only about the pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting elements but also teaching skills to ensure everyone's learning needs are met. I taught for the NCT in Teesside, Darlington and Northallerton areas for six years. Those classes are great and if you are looking for less intense and more social based classes then I definitely recommend booking. However if you are looking for a fast but comprehensive antenatal class then Bump Buddies is probably more up your street. The classes use up to date tools and resources to enhance your learning and as groups are small there is still time to make it personal to you.

Of course meeting others going through pregnancy at the same time of you is important to us too and so to complement our short class we run regular meet ups locally, we have 24/7 support (genuinely any time of day or night if you need to – call!) and also we have an active facebook group. Some of the parents who joined us for their first babies are coming back to our meet ups in their second pregnancies and so offer a wealth of real life experience to back up the teaching. 

Also to back up the teaching with real to life experience I worked for two years as a doula attending various types of births, I work closely with James Cook hospital, have worked in the past teaching at the Friarage in Northallerton, I work for the Supervisor Of Midwives audit team, NHS North East maternity scrutiny committee, Teesside University midwifery degree board and also for Redcar & Cleveland Council & Surestart centres.  If that’s not enough I am also a member on Raindrops to Rainbows board which is a great local charity providing support for parents around antenatal and postnatal depression.

My greatest achievement though (obviously!) is having two babies of my own, Evie & Freya.  Evie’s the one in the picture not looking very impressed.  Though they’re long out of nappies they were part of the inspiration to go it alone.

Feedback on Bump Buddies classes almost always refers to the down to earth and relaxed, fun nature of the teaching and the confidence parents feel at the end. You can read our testimonials from our previous fabulous clients and you can get a feel for what we do by viewing the pictures of our lovely room, activities and meet ups.

If you see that the workshop dates don't work for you please get in touch. We can arrange additional dates at short notice or you can book a 1:1 where Bump Buddies comes to you.  Even if you don’t choose Bump Buddies classes please please get in touch for anything.  I’m not here to bombard you for a sale I just believe that everyone should feel confident in the run up to and during their transition to parenthood.

Good luck with your pregnancy

Louise x