Testimonials - Personal Recommendations

These former clients were buzzing - you can be too.

"We had such a fantastic day at Bump Buddies antenatal workshop - learnt loads! Would honestly recommend for couples locally who are expecting - totally worth it"
Lizzi & Mike, July 2014 class via Facebook

"Loved the relaxed, open discussions and easy to follow format."
Clients Feb 14 class

"Relaxed atmosphere tailored to your needs, good that we were not sat around for a full day had good resources."
Clients Nov 13 class

"Excellent teaching methods….non-judgemental, evidence based approach was excellent."
Clients June 2013 class

"The classes have take the fear away of labour and have allowed me to enjoy the build up to the birth and now I really am looking forward to the new member of our family arriving."
A & A, Northallerton, May 2013

"Both R and I learnt loads! from one teacher to another I thought your delivery was spot on. it certainly worked with our group.. but that's the skill working with the peope you got infront of you and of course having all the knowledge and enthusiasm you have for your subject."
Marie, Feb 2013

"I felt that we have received "tailor made" course covering our concerns and questions."
Clients, September 2012

"Would recommend to any expecting parent."
Lisa, Mar 2012

"Is a brilliant day and really laid back and informative. Felt very able to ask any questions. Really useful props – loved the simulator baby!"
H&K, Wynyard, Feb 2012

"Enjoyed the laid back, informal teaching environment, all the good unbiased information we received. Good, approachable teacher. Louise is very approachable and will answer all our questions."
Class comments. Jan 2012 class

"Session was very enjoyable, loads of knowledge gained that we didn’t get on (NHS) ante-natal classes"
Emma & Martin Nov 11 Workshop

"Very informal, relevant and interesting, would recommend to any expecting parent"
Laura & Jon Dec 11 Workshop

"It’s been great to get answers to questions I’ve had in my head"
Katie & Kai Oct 11 Workshop

"You were a Godsend for us we really didn't have a clue! It made the whole experience so much easier and your down to earth common sense approach is great...."
P&P North Yorks, Antenatal clients

"Thank you for all your help and support during our pregnancy and birth journey"
A&M Hartlepool, Doula clients

"Thank you for being there yesterday, it really made a big difference"
L&D Billingham, Doula clients

"With guidance and help from you I feel ready! We both do. You have a very special quality Louise"
A Dad, Hartlepool Antenatal client

"Huge thank you for being here for me and for all your support"
D Saltburn, Doula client

"I signed up for the antenatal package, having not being offered this through my PCT. Bump Buddies offered a flexible package that suited me and my husband as he works away a lot so we were able to book appointments when it was convenient to us. The information provided was clear and concise and didnt use confusing terms, it was all presented in everyday language that made it really easy to digest. Louise was very approachable and down to earth making me feel more relaxed about the whole thing. The support since having my baby has also been great - sort of like having another "mum" to talk to about stuff"
R&S Thornaby, Antenatal clients

"I was really apprehensive but now feel a lot better informed. Totally down to earth, used language in "everyday" terms no medical jargon etc - Tell it like it is approach. The bonus is a time, day, place to suit me rather than the other way around. Looking back at my notes having now given birth I can't believe how accurate they are".
P, York, Antenatal client